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Repairs and recondition (R/R) each unit.

Ever unit is thoroughly and completely inspected by our certified builders. We use the best parts available in our industry. We can help to identify any possible problems we see if it involves the transmission unit or refer you to some of our experts.

Our Standard Industry product warranty applies to all reman units.

Since the torque converter is consided part of the transmission in most cases the warranty coincides with the transmission rebuilds warranty as well. 


We can provide you with photo's or video during our compeletion

Photos no additional cost. Video is available at additional cost.

We can give you a written report.


 A comprehensive written inspection report will be available within 24 hours upon the completion of the inspection before we began the R/R process at your request.  


In the event you choose not to have the unit R/R and we have gone though the process of cutting unit open and inspection of the unit, there will be a 

charge to our customer. (Open & Inspect Chrg). 


For example: We inspector the unit and it cannot be rebuilt, because of parts in the unit or the inside of the outer unit is found to much damage that is (Open & Inspect Chrg).

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