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Reman-Remanufacted Torque Converters

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 Construction-Industrial-Heavy Equipment Torque Converters, Automotive and stall speed (High Performance in Texas. We build and recondition all types of torque converters. These units range from seal welded, aluminum twin disc, and bolt-up. These units are found in light / heavy duty industrial equipment such as: tractor loaders-backholes, John Deer, Caterpillar, Terex, Forestry equipment, all brands of forklifts and Military equipment. (Allison, Funk, Fichel & Sachs, Jatco and Borg-Warner).


  We also remanufacturer domestic and foreign torque converters for automobiles. Our high performance stall speed units require engine and transmission specs which we apply to our formula that allows us to match stall with power, which will produce the best performance in your race care or mud truck.


  Tech support, most up-to-date equipment, technology and computerized balancing to insure a quality product to our customers.



Trusted and Military Certified 
     All Torque Converter Components to factory specifications and tolerances

1. Converter hubs high quality harden polished steel


2. Bushing, o-rings and washers are replaced


3. All sprags are rebuilt


4. All clutch linings are bonded with high carbon matl's (exceeds OEM spec.)


5. All splines, springs, and rollers meet or exceed OEM spec.


6. Pilots are sized to ensure proper fit


7. All bottoms are machined to create smooth lock-up application and minimize clutch wear


8. Unit is then assembled and robotically seal welded


  Finally, all converters are computer balanced and pressure checked for leak's before a final visual inspection, than idenfinited, double checked, marked and boxed for delivery. This completes the re-man process. 

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